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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A bit of hiatus...

I realize things got off to a rough start. I began this journey in Blogland with the intentions of filling virtual pages and pages with loads of useful information. I had hopes of reaching my fellow moms-in-charge and forming friendships by networking and exchanging ideas and thoughts. And of course life got in the way - the holidays happened - and I had to go on hiatus for a while.
But, I believe I am back! I think... One of my resolutions this year is to get back to blogging here. And the first thing I would like to share with you is a little corner of the world called I stumbled upon this little piece-o-heaven when I was looking for something crafty to do. Basically it's a virtual community where you can find all sorts of crafty projects, tutorials, challenges, discussions, and swaps. What's a swap you ask? Well, this is my new addiction!!!! Back in October, I signed up for my very first swap on craftster. A swap is where two people exchange crafted items, gifts, and/or crafting supplies. Below is the official definition of a swap found on the website:
"Swaps come in many shapes, sizes, and forms, but the basic idea is that you make a great crafty package that meets the swap's theme and requirements and takes into consideration your partner's wishes and preferences. You send the package you created to them and they send the package they created to you! Swaps are lots of fun; they can motivate you to create something really great and it's often a fun challenge because there's a certain theme to follow. Plus, you get something original in return!"
For my very first swap, I decided to do the "Journal for a Month" swap where I created a journal from paper lunch bags and documented my life for 30 whole days! This was a huge challenge for me and I think I was a little on the insane side to choose this as my first swap, but I pulled it off and my partner really enjoyed the package I sent to her. Well that's enough blabbing your eyes off! How about some photos of what I sent for my very first swap? YES!

My handmade journal constructed from paper lunch bags and a cereal box for the cover.

A page from my journal.

An insert from the journal. I tucked this inside one of the pockets of a lunch bag. The little monster holding the bow is a clip from a loaf of bread. I just painted it green and added a cute monster face :)

Don't panic - it's fake! One of my posts for the journal was about something that really gives me the creeps. Well, the one sure thing that came to mind was a cockroach. Where I am from - these guys get huge! *shudders* I was afraid my partner would hate me for hiding this little fella inside one of the pockets, but she wasn't - she did mention that she screamed though when she turned to it. Ha!

Here is a picture of the whole package. Along with the journal, I sent her a little festive journal for the holidays, some colored pencils she wanted and sketch pad, a mini journal with some shrinky dink Invader Zim charms, and a crocheted bag with detachable flower for the hair. I added another Invader Zim charm to the flower. In her questionnaire she mentioned that Invader Zim was one of her faves.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and safe New Year and that you all made at least one resolution to work on this year. Who knows, maybe together we can accomplish a new goal :)

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