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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hiatus Pt. 2

It's me again Margaret! I know what you are thinking, "wow twice in ONE week?!!" I started the new year off by showing you a little bit about my newest addiction in crafting. Say it with me S W A P S!!!!
So I showed you what I sent for my first swap (Journal for a Month) and I thought you might like to see what I got in return. My partner is a bit younger than I am, so this made for a very interesting read! She was also very generous in the extra gifts she included in her package. Now, without further adieu ...

Here is the whole package I received from my swap partner. Can you see the journal in there? It's busting loose with lots of juicy reading.

This is one of the pages I liked best. I heart movies! Here is a handmade diaper/wipe caddy for my purse!

It folds out to a changing pad!!! Totally sweet.

Crochet supplies! I wish you could feel how soft this purple yarn is!
And finally some tools for future journals or scrapbooks!

I really enjoyed this swap and have since then signed up for two more. If you are interested in joining in on some swaps and would like to find out how, check out, but promise me you don't hate me when you spend 8 hours browsing the many threads!

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