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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fulfilling Resolutions in 2011

Howdy! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week. I know I am! You may have noticed that I spoke about resolutions earlier this month. I have a few of them. One was to reach out to you more through my blog by making regular posts. Another resolution was to start my own business and get out of the house so that I can meet new people. Being a stay-at-home momma can be really lonely at times. So, I decided that in 2011 I would make some changes.
You are now looking at an independent consultant for Pampered Chef! I am so excited. I love to entertain and cook. So, it really was no shocker to my family when I made my announcement to them. It's a great company and the products are awesome. I hear it all the time and have said it myself, "I LOVE PAMPERED CHEF!!!"
I hope to share with you my trials and tribulations from what is now known as my very own personal "test kitchen". I have to test out the tools and recipes after all, right??? I hope this information will be useful to all my friends in blogland.
Today I would like to introduce you to my very favorite Pampered Chef tool the Mix 'N Chop.
I use this bad boy at least once a week! My family loves lasagna, spaghetti, chicken enchiladas, mashed potatoes, and potato soup just to name a few recipes where I use the Mix 'N Chop. What this gadget does is cut my time down so much by chopping up my foods faster than I can with a spatula, spoon, or by hand.
I use it on my ground beef and turkey to mince the meat as it cooks in my skillet. It will chop chicken up nicely too if I am making enchiladas or a Mexican lasagna. I really hate shredding chicken by hand. Sometimes I will buy a rotisserie chicken and after I have de-boned the meat, I will chop it up by using the Mix 'N Chop too! When it comes to veggies, the Mix 'N Chop makes chopping a breeze. I can chop up cooked potatoes for "chunky" mashed potatoes or a soup. If I am making broccoli and cheese soup or broccoli and rice casserole, I like to use the Mix 'N Chop to break up the broccoli quickly. The possibilities are endless!!!!
Mix 'N Chop
Product Description:
A Pampered Chef® exclusive! Unique, beveled pinwheel blades efficiently chop and crumble foods for even cooking and seasoning. Its high-quality nylon design follows the curves of your cookware and won't scratch the surface. A soft grip and thumb rest help you comfortably grasp the handle and chop more easily. Heat-resistant to 428°F. 11". Dishwasher-safe.

There you have it! My latest news and my very favorite kitchen tool. Let me know what your favorite tools are and where you got them. Just post a little comment below.
Have a great day!

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